rainbow wall art - wee little penguin (5)

As promised, for the first time ever, I made a St. Patrick’s Day thing! Woot!

It’s a super simple backdrop that would make a sweet photo booth background or backdrop for your party table (are St. Patrick’s Day party tables a thing?). It took me just a little while to set up and take down, and I only used stuff I already had, so my St. Paddy’s is lookin pretty green already.

rainbow wall art - wee little penguin (4)

rainbow wall art - wee little penguin (2)

rainbow wall art - wee little penguin

I stuck with the traditional rainbow scheme but I think it would look rad with just a few colors or even varying shades of green.

rainbow wall art - wee little penguin (3)

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I love you and I link you!

⋅ You guys rule at helping me with my super serious TV predicaments. I wanna know what you think of Jane the Virgin! I’ve never seen it. Should I start?

⋅ A look at how Trump is viewed outside the US. The last time I lived abroad, I found myself called upon to answer for Bush III and the Iraq invasion by everyone from my fellow international students to the woman ringing up my groceries at the supermarket. I can’t even imagine what those conversations would be like now.

⋅ Stella Maria Baer’s Instagram feed just won’t quit! I love it and I bet you will too.

⋅ Ditto Keely’s postmodern Nancy Drew Pinterest board. What a fun idea! I love this whole look. Her blog rules too.

⋅ This article made me feel so fooled! I’d love to hear what you guys think. Is your mind totally blown?

⋅ I am in love with Fishs Eddy. I went for the first time last week and it is absolute heaven for politics junkies or people who love dishes or politics junkies who love dishes. I particularly love all the Charley Harper stuff and this President Obama birth certificate tray.

Have a lovely weekend, penguins!

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rainbows i'd actually wear - wee little penguin

So, disclaimer: I’ve never celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. Like, never. It seems cool and all but it’s just never happened. So this year I’m gonna woman up and make a big green rainbow leprechauny effort, especially since I’m in somewhat of a creative rut and this seems like just the challenge to get me out of it. But first, rainbows. I own nothing with a rainbow on it. They seem like they should go with everything, but they just kind of … don’t really go with anything. Here’s some I kinda love. How bout you guys?

tee | sweater | bra


easter is the cutest (1)

I can’t quite believe it, but Easter is fast approaching … it’s like, this month, peeps (hehe, peeps). I’ve been updating the shop accordingly–there’s so much cute Easter stuff in the world! Speaking of the shop, thanks for all your support so far. You guys rock. If you’re interested in what wlp readers love, there’s a whole section devoted to your favorites.

eco egg dye | hipster rabbit sweater | pretty swanky gold eggs | the sweetest picture book | lovely garlandcookie cutters | nail decals | bunny balloons | easter puppy treats | bag with ears